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Hidefumi Watanabe





Born in 1960 in Tokyo.Watanabe graduated from Japan University where he received an art degree. He joined Mr. Music in 1984.

While attending Japan University, He began researching commercials and commercial music, which led him to pursue a career as a music producer. His love of reading includes the complete works of Hitomi Yamaguchi and Takeshi Kaikou and in his career he has achieved his goal of producing commercial music for Suntory. In his second year with Mr. Music, His great English skills provided him an opportunity to visit Los Angeles and record at A&M Records. After the trip, he went on to New York, London, Paris, Milano, Beijin,Shanghai and all the other great cities. It didn’t stop there, his career and love for flying have also taken him to Jakarta, Cuba, Mexico, Calcutta, Mumbai, (Chinese city names). He has received numerous awards for his work on Suntory Oolong Tea and QP Mayonnaise.


  • 1
    サントリー 1992

    ウーロン茶 ♪いつでも夢を

  • 2
    日本ペプシコーラ 1992

    PEPSI MAN ♪PEPSIMAN Music:ジェームス下地

  • 3

    Cocoloni utao Music & Piano:中川 俊郎

  • 4
    キリンビバレッジ 1999

    FIRE ♪To Feel The Fire Music:STEVIE WONDER

  • 5
    キューピー 2001

    キューピーマヨネーズ SPEED Music:中川 俊郎 & 中塚 武

  • 6
    大塚製薬 2010

    ポカリスエット たけしと少年 Music:TOMMY GUERRERO & SHIGO2

  • 7
    トヨタ自動車 2013

    TOYOTA 86 箱根 Music:細野 晴臣

  • 8
    キューピー 2013

    キューピーハーフ タルティーヌ篇 Music:JELLY YAMAZAKI

  • 9
    大和ハウス工業 2013

    ダイワハウス 初雪篇 Music:中川 俊郎

  • 10
    高橋酒造 2014

    白岳しろ Words : 荒木とよひさ Music : 谷本 新 Sing : 前川 清